Thursday, October 17, 2013

Maktec MT362 Router | Maktec MT191 Power Planer in Buriram, Thailand

Ruangsangthai Maktec Tools is proud to introduce two new models of genuine Maktec Power Tools. 

Buriram Maktec MT191 82mm Power Planer is now discounted at Ruangsanthai in Buriram, Thailand. The powerful 580W motor delivers performance with A planing depth of 1mm, V-groove chamfering guide, Maktec standard mini reversible TCT blades that provide a razor sharp long cutting life. The new Maktec MT191 Planer has impressive PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Continuous rating input 580W, Capacity - Planing width of 82mm, Capacity - Planing depth 1mm. No Load Speed of 16,000rpm Length 290mm Weight 2.5kg Power cord two meters. The new Maktec MT362  Router 12.7mm (1/2") Router is heavy duty with a powerful 1,650W motor. The 0-60mm plunge depth capacity for easy penetration into or through work pieces. Ergonomically contoured knob style handles with rubberised soft grip. Check out these new Maktec models in Buriram Thailand at Ruangsangthai Tool Barn on Highway 2074 directly across from the Buriram Provincial Electricity Authority four story while office building. 

Popular Maktec Power Tools and Makita Grass Lawn Mowers in the Buriram Hardware Store photos below:

Buriram Ruangsangthai has the largest selection of Electric Grass lawn Mowers in stock in Buriram, Thailand. The Bosch Rotak 32 and Bosch Rotak 34 are popular smaller electric lawn mowers. Those Bosch Lawn Mowers are manufactured in Sheffield, U.K. The Yellow Talon Electric lawn Mowers are made in China. The two models of Makita Electric lawn Mowers are both manufactured at a Makita Assembly plant in Japan. The compact Makita ELM3310 Electric Lawn Mower is suitable for smaller Buriram lawns. The larger blades on the quiet Makita ELM4110 1600W Electric Lawn Mower complete with a 50 Litre Collection Box. Features: Solid steel housing Adjustable handle, 3-Step Solid wheels, sealed ball bearings. Accurate grass box mounting for easy discharging. Ruangsangthai recommends this Makita Mower for lawns of up to 600sq meters. It is a Push Type Mower that is Double Insulated. Fully assembled in Buriram by the Makita trained technicians of Ruangsangthai prior to delivery to customers it includes a 50 Liter Collection Box and 10m extension cord. Product Specification Cutting Width: 41cm Cutting heights: 20/34/48/62/75 Levels/mm. Repairs and adjustments during and after the Makita warranty period are available in Buriram at Ruangsangthai Hardware on Highway 2074. Ruangsangthai has the lowest everyday prices on Bosch | Makita | Talon Electric lawn mowers and can service all three brands at the Buriram store. Ruangsangthai is a discount dealer and full service repair station for genuine Makita Self Propelled Petrol Gasoline Lawn Mowers

Buriram Home Builders Tool Depot Ruangsangthai has more Bosch and Maktec Power Tools in stock than any other Buriram Hardware Store. In Buriram the Maktec Portable Cut-Off Saw MT241 is the 2nd most popular tool sold by Ruangsangthai. Maktec Power Tools are manufactured in Makita Assembly Plants in several Countries including the new Makita Assembly plant in Chonburi, Thailand. Each and every Maktec Power Tool is tested at the final point of assembly prior to packaging. Ruangsangthai is the official Maktec Repair facility in Buriram province. Home Pro or Global House can sell you a Maktec Power Tool but they do not repair Maktec | Makita | AEG | Hitachi | Porter CableBosch or DeWALT Power Tools at any HomePro or Global House Store in North East Thailand. Compare the selling price, selection and REPAIR policy of BoschDeWALT,  Maktec or Makita and you can see why Ruangsangthia is the Highest volume power tool dealer in Buriram Province. Dial 044-666-484 and press "O" for assistance in English. 

Buriram Maktec Power Tools are discounted at Buriram Home Builders Depot Ruangsangthai Hardware Store. Ruangsangthai has more Maktec Power Tools in stock for immediate delivery at discount prices than any other Buriram Tool Shop or any other Buriram Hardware Store. Ruangsangthai is the official REPAIR service center for Maktec Power Tools in Buriram Province Thailand. Maktec Power Tools are made in Makita Factories in several countries including the new Makita Assembly Plant in Chonburi, Thailand. Each Maktec Power Tool is tested at the end of assembly prior to being placed by hand inside a Maktec Box. Maktec Tools are double insulated for safety. Ruangsangthai stocks and discounts the carbon brushes, Li-ion batteries, drill bits for Maktec Power Tools. Top selling Maktec Tools include Cordless Driver Drills | High Speed Drills | Blower | Hammer Drill | MT241 Portable Cut-Off Saw | Granite Cutter | Angle Grinder | Finishing Sander | Random Orbit Sander | Belt Sander | Compound Miter Saw | Circular Saw | Jigsaw | Plunge Type Router | Power Planer | Electric Trimmer including Maktec MT240 | Maktec MT110X, Maktec MT360 | Maktec MT560 Circular Saw | Maktec MT411 Tile Cutter | Maktec MT412X Tile Cutter | Maktec MT 902 Angle Grinder | MT920 Finishing Sander | Maktec MT922 Random Orbit Sander | Maktec MT230 Compound Miter Saw | Maktec MT431 Jig Saw | Maktec MT111KX1 Power Planer.

Buriram Hardware Store is the largest volume dealer of Makita Power Tools in Buriram Province. Ruangsangthai purchases Makita Tools and Maktec Tools by the pallet load. The lowest price on all Makita corded and cordless tools including the Makita N5900B Circular Saw. This 235 MM 9 1/4 inch Circular Saw is popular with Buriram Home Builders and Buriram Expats who have a wood working shop. Only Buriram Ruangsangthai includes a 12 Month warranty on all Makita corded Tools. That is 6 months longer than the standard Makita warranty in Thailand. Ruangsangthai is an authorized Makita Repair Service Center.

Buriram Hardware discount Maktec MT870 Rotary Hammer | Maktec MT065SK2 Cordless Driver Drill | Maktec Circular Saw | Maktec Impact Driver | Maktec Angle Grinder MT954 | Maktec Portable Cut-Off Saw |
Maktec Cut-Off MT240 | Maktec Blower MT400 | Maktec Hammer Drill MT814 | Maktec High Speed
Drill MT651 | Maktec Electric Drill MT603 | Maktec Carbon Brushes | Maktec Repairs | Maktec Spare parts | Maktec Authorized Repair Service Center | Maktec Finishing Sander | Maktec Belt Sander MT940 | Maktec Die Grinder | Maktec Jig Saw MT431 | Maktec Compound Miter Saw MT230 | Maktec Router MT360 | Maktec MT924 Random Orbit Sander | Maktec Li-ion 18V Li-ion 14.4V | Extra Battery. 


  1. No other builders merchants comes close to this "Bunnings Warehouse" sort of tool selection in Buriram.

  2. I could not be any happier with the Makita Finishing sander I bought at a discount in Buriram from Ruang Sang Thai. They filled out the warranty card and then doubled the length of free repairs!! So far only one adjustment on this fine woodworking tool.


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