Sunday, November 24, 2013

Buriram Nippon Paint Demonstration | Buriram House Paint Expo & Sale

Nippon Paint Thailand announces that Ruangsangthai House Building Materials Supply Depot in Buriram, Thailand will be the exclusive location of the Buriram Nippon House Paint Expo & Grand Sale from Sunday December 1st through Saturday December 14, 2013.  Factory Trained Nippon Paint Specialists will be on hand to train and assist the Buriram Ruangsangthai Paint Department Staff in serving customers with Interior and Exterior House Paint Selections. Very attractive prices will be offered during this special event each day from 8:30a.m. to 5:30p.m.   Located directly across Highway 2074 from the Buriram Provincial Electricity Authority Four Story Office Building. Free Custom Colour Mixing | Free Delivery in Buriram Province | Building Contractor Volume Discounts.

Buriram Province #1 Nippon House Paint Dealer by Paint sales volume is Ruangsangthai House Builders Merchants. Discount prices | Free Computer Color Mixing | Free Delivery and the largest stock of selected lines of Nippon paint in Buriram Province have made Ruangsangthai #1 in sales volume. It is easy to compare Nippon paint Prices. Make a list of the Nippon paint you need and obtain written prices at the Buriram HomePro | Buriram Home Mart | Buriram Thai Watsadu | Buriram I.Q. House including colour mixing and delivery. Ruangsangthai has lower Nippon Paint prices and will beat ANY written Nippon Paint price quote in Buriram Province.  For Nippon 3 in 1 |Nippon Vinilex Hybrid Care | Nippon Triple Shield | Nippon Super Junior Paint | Nippon Vinilex Acrylic Interior | Nippon 3 in 1 Durafresh semi gloss emulsion Interior House Paint | Nippon Extra V Exterior House Paint see the paint specialists at Ruangsangthai on Highway 2074. Compare the prices of the respective grades of Nippon Paint to comparable Beger House Paint, Berger House Paint, Dulux House Paint, TOA House Paint, Captain House Paint, Jotun House Paint and PAMMASTIC Interior or Exterior Paint.

Buriram Nippon House Paint on Display at Buriram Builders Merchants Ruangsangthai. Nippon Vinilex Hybrid Care Interior House Paint | Nippon Vinilex Hybrid Shield | Nippon 3 in 1 |Nippon Triple Shield are available in 1 gallon | 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon paint buckets. No extra charge at Ruangsangthai to custom color mix your Nippon House Paint. Ruangsangthai sells more Nippon House Paint than any other shop in Buriram province due to the lowest prices | widest selection and free delivery. Buriram House Builders and House Building Contractors buy significant amounts of Nippon Super Junior low cost paint as well as the better grades of Nippon House paint. Nippon Matt | Nippon Semi-Gloss | Nippon Sheen House Paint are available for immediate custom color mixing or stock colors at Ruangsangthai.

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