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Buriram Stanley Tools | Buriram DeWALT Power Tool Show & Tool Fair

Buriram Ruangsangthai hosts the Stanley Tools & DeWALT Tool Fair with discount prices and a double tool warranty plus free tool accessories in Buriram Province.  

In this photo taken inside Ruangsangthai Hardware Store in Buriram, a Tool Expert of the DeWALT Thailand importer is demonstrating a DeWALT lithium Ion cordless drill to a house building contractor. The DeWALT Power Tool Expo and Sale is being held exclusively inside Ruangsangthai Hardware through April 26th.

Miss Suwannee has been trained by the importer of DeWALT Power Tools to help Buriram home builders and tool enthusiasts in the selection of which DeWALT Industrial Power Tools will best serve their needs. She is one of the Buriram  Ruangsangthai sales team that will offer out and mail your DeWALT Tool warranty.  Ruangsangthai also keeps a record of the serial number and date of purchase of the major brands of power tools they discount so that even if you lose your sales receipt they can see that warranty repairs are at no charge.  Ruangsangthai is the official rapid repair service center in Buriram for several tool brands including Bosch | DeWALT | Hikari | Makita | Maktec | NKT and Stanley Tools.  If Ruangsangthai has the part in stock, it is often possible to have warranty repairs and after warranty period repairs, completed in 24 hours, quite often the same day you bring your tool to the repair center to the right of the front doors of this Buriram Hardware Store on Highway 2074. This is also the official Buriram province repair center for quality Hitachi | HondaLucky Star | Mitsubishi Water Pumps

In Buriram Province you can see the largest selection of discount priced Stanley Tools at Ruangsangthai Builders Supply including the corded Stanley Power Planer held by Miss Suwannee or the Stanley Impact Drill held by the Stanley Black & Decker Tool representative of SEA Stanley Tools. The genuine Stanley Measuring Tapes in this display are manufactured in Belgium, Thailand and the USA. Ruangsangthai stocks the United States, Japanese and German tool brands you recognize as a good value with high ratings in the leading Consumer Magazines.  While the Makro Store in Buriram has a fine selection of wine, liquor, beer, imported cheese and coffee, it does not sell the same brands of hand tools, garden tools and power tools as Buriram Ruangsangthai. Some of the Stanley Levels and Stanley Measuring Tapes in this photo sell for double to triple the cost at the Buriram HomePro Store which has a far better selection of inverter air conditioners, imported wall tiles, massage jet bath tubs or Gas BBQ's. 
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The Honda 4 Stroke Brush Cutter or Grass Trimmer is being set up in this photo at Ruangsangthai Hardware in Buriram Province. The two most popular 4 stroke grass cutters sold and serviced at Ruangsangthai are Honda and Makita.  Both brands are a sensible choice, made in Thailand with repair parts in stock at Ruangsangthai. Same day actual repair service and discount selling prices make this the store of choice for Buriram Municipal organizations, Buriram Schools, and farmers. 

A Buriram Repair Department Service Technician has just completed the repair and testing of a Honda Petrol Lawn Mower. There are also five Honda Brush Cutters and one Makita Grass Cutter in this photo of repaired tools that are ready for customer pickup or the Ruangsangthai delivery service. The experienced grounds keepers rely on Ruangsangthai for deep discount prices to buy a Grass Mower and as the #1 Buriram Repair facility to maintain a name brand garden or farming tool product.  It only takes one wrong "no name" or "store captive brand" appliance or tool purchase from a fancy store in Buriram, Surin or Korat Province Thailand and the lack of actual repair centers or spare parts to educate consumers to the long term value and customer satisfaction when you buy a name brand tool, name brand water pump from a store with an actual qualified installation and actual repair department. Ruangsangthai does not "sub contract" any water pump installations.

Towards the rear of the loading dock area of Ruangsangthai Home Building Supplies Depot you will see stacks of Concrete Form Plywood, with a high-density overlay of phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded onto it to give excellent off form finishes and multiple re-uses for the Concrete House Building Contractors.  Some expat house builders call this plywood Formply. It is most commonly used at 17mm thick, and also available from Ruangsangthai as 12mm thick for applications where a bend (as in a curved wall) is required. Also available in the building materials department of Buriram Ruangsangthai is wood veneer faced plywood. In order to use form work effectively, saw mills print a resin to the face or back of wood veneer faced form work plywood during production . Because of the resin on the face or back, wood veneer faced form work plywood can be easily removed from the concrete . Both kinds of Formwork plywood are edge sealed by painting to minimize moisture/water penetration during usage building a house in Buriram Province. Ruangsangthai also has a selection of lower cost wheel barrels. 

The Siam Gypsum was established in 1982 to manufacture and sell Gypsum boards under the Elephant brand. Siam Gypsum is a joint venture corporation between Lafarge and Siam Cement Group. The Siam Cement Group is number one in the sales of construction material manufacturing in Thailand. Ruangsangthai stocks and discounts Elephant Brand sheet rock or Gypsum wall boards and ceiling boards. The sheet rock is stacked near the Concrete Form Plywood inside Ruangsangthai Building Materials in Buriram. The gypsum sheet rock boards in this photo were manufactured in Sari Buri Thailand to the Lafarge specifications and quality control. 

The DeWALT Repair Service Van parked at the front of Buriram Ruangsangthai Hardware Store located directly across from the Buriram Provincial Electricity Authority four story office building. 

In Buriram Province, Thailand you can see the new Stanley Repair Service Van parked at the front of Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants Store on Highway 2074. 

 This week in Buriram exclusively at Ruangsangthai Hardware the Stanley Tools Corporation Truck is parked. This truck arrived from Bangkok last Friday with new Stanley cordless and corded power tools and hand tools. This truck also transported the Stanley Tool display booth materials. 

The Stanley Angle Grinder and Stanley  FatMax Circular Saw are on the Stanley Tools Corporate truck parked at Ruangsangthai for the duration of the Stanley Tools Expo held in Buriram, Thailand.   

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