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Thailand Garden Mulchers | Tree Branch Chippers | Shredders in stock and delivered to any Province

TruYard based in Perth, Australia designs top quality heavy duty rotary lawn mowers | Garden Mulchers | Tree Branch Wood Chippers | Shredders. The modern manufacturing assembly plant operated under Australian Supervision is located in Thailand. These lawn mowers and garden mulchers are powered by Honda 4 stroke engines or Briggs & Stratton four stroke engines. Ruangsangthai located in Buriram, Isaan Thailand sells and delivers this quality line of Garden Machines to all Provinces in Thailand including Chiang Mai | Surat Thani | Chonburi | Phuket | Bangkok | Nakhon Ratchasima. 

Tree Branch Wood Chipper Thailand
TruYard CM95 Wood Branch Chipper Thailand

The Australian designed TruYard CM95 is a powerful Tree Branch Wood Chipper that also is a garden mulcher. Featuring a massive feed hopper that can easily process large amounts of Thailand garden rubbish quickly.  The dual hardened high carbon steel chipper blades can chip most branches up to 95mm in size. 3 1/2" tree branches are turned into useful ground cover when you operate the quiet TruYard CM95 in any province of Thailand. 

Briggs & Stratton garden Mulcher Delivery in Thailand
Garden mulcher chipper 13.5hp delivery in Thailand

In Buriram Isaan Thailand you can see in stock or order for delivery to any province in Thailand, the TruYard CM65 mulcher or TruYard CM95 chipper shredder which are designed in Perth, Australia.  The Truyard Garden Tools are assembled under Australian supervision in a modern Thailand factory and sent factory direct to Buriram. The Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke petrol engine or Honda 4 stroke engine or Mitsubishi electric motor is attached to your specificiations to this powerful garden mulcher. You can see fully assembled TruYard garden chippers | mulchers | shredders at the front door Ruangsangthai located on the Buriram Phutthaisong Highway 2074.  Open 7 days a week with shipping available Sunday through Saturday. 

Isaan Thailand Troy Bilt Garden Chipper Delivery
Isaan Thailand Garden Mulcher Chipper warehouse delivery
See Mr. Tum or other Buriram hardware staff who can understand and speak Thai and English for assistance in selecting and testing a garden mulcher. Both the Troy Bilt Chipper made in Tupelo, Mississippi and several sizes of Australian designed, Thailand manufactured Tru Yard Garden Mulchers | Wood Chippers | Shredders are in stock at Ruangsangthai Hardware. Local delivery and demonstration is available from Ruangsangthai store staff in many parts of Nakhon Ratchasima Province | Maha Sarakham province \ Surin Province | Buriram province. Nationwide delivery with or without demonstration is available through Ruangsangthai on Honda power products | Troy Bilt Pumps | Engines | Lawn Mowers | Garden Tractors | Chippers | Truyard Garden Mulchers | Aerators | reel lawn mowers for larger estates and resort properties. Dial 044-666-484 ext 117 for assistance in English. 

Thailand Isaan Village Garden Mulcher Shredder
TruYard garden Mulcher in Isaan Village Thailand
The 13.5hp Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine makes swift work of garden and farm vegetation in an Isaan Village in North East Thailand. The key start with a battery on this model TruYard CM95 makes it a easy for the wife of an expat to operate at her leisure. Safety mask seems a sensible item for Ruangsangthai to suggest to buyers of Honda Power products | Troy Bilt Chippers and Tru yard Mulchers in Buriram Thailand. The CM95 is easy to move on a plot of land in Isaan on Highway 2229.  

Thailand garden customer with Troy Bilt USA Chipper serial number
Troy Bilt Chipper built in USA delivered in Thailand

The garden tool | lawn mower buyer employed at Ruangsangthai has years of retail purchasing experience and the ability to visit Thailand domestic assembly plants including Honda Power Products | Makita Power Tools | Stanley Measuring devices and speak in native English with manufacturing plant managers in the United States. If Ruangsangthai advertises a garden tool | lawn mower | power tool | hand tool is manufactured in the United States that fact was double checked by the tool buyer. Some tools sold in Ruangsangthai are manufactured in Germany or EU nations near Germany. Many other tools and some lawn mowers are manufactured in the same country as Apple iPhones and Dyson Vacuum cleaners.

Honda Powered Soil Compactor in Isaan Thailand
Honda Soil Compactor delivered | demonstrated in Isaan
Mr. Pichai has the ability to assign a tool repair person to ride along in the tool delivery truck to demonstrate special Honda Powered products including wacker packers | soil compactors | lawn mowers | garden tractors \and generators.  Ruangsangthai can arrange delivery nationwide for a modest shipping fee better quality petrol lawn mowers | garden tractors | ride on lawn mowers \ wacker packers | soil compactors and larger KVA power generators. Ruangsangthai also stocks \ delivers \ repairs home building job site dumpers in Buriram Province.  Dial 044-666-484 and press 117 for assistance in English.

Buriram Hardware Bi Lingual store staff
Bi-Lingual Thai staff of Buriram Ruangsangthai for Garden Chippers
When you visit Ruangsangthai located across from the PEA 4 story building on the Buriram - Phutthaisong Highway 2074, you may take note of bi-lingual store staff. Mr. P Bob has worked in the Middle East | Mr. Nop is a Thai American citizen who served in the US Navy.  Several of the college graduate staff of Ruangsangthai can understand your questions in English and give you answers in English as well as Thai. The Tru Yard CM95 is built in Thailand to Australian specifications with Australian manufacturing guidance. The parking area is covered at Ruangsangthai hardware locagted in Buriram, Thailand.

TruYard Australia Supervision in Thailand Garden Mulching
Troy Bilt USA Lawn Mower Tru Yard Mulcher Thailand in Buriram

At the front entrance to Ruangsangthai are several domestic rice sperators | Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers | Truyard Garden Chippers | mulchers made under Australia Supervison in Thailand. Full delivery services | repair services and assistance in English are hallmarks of Ruangsangthai in Buriram, Thailand./

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