Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Buriram Bosch Auto Service | Buriram Hyundai Auto Sales | Warranty | Repairs

In Buriram,  Ruangsangthai Hardware is the official Robert Bosch Power Tools | Bosch Lawn Mowers repair service center. Ruangsangthai is located on Highway 2074 across from the Buriram PEA four story office building. On Highway 218 just before the Ford Auto | Ford Truck dealership is the official Bosch Auto Service Center. This prominent local Thai family also owns and operates the official Hyundai Auto Dealership and Kia Truck Dealership for Buriram.  Genuine Bosch | Hyundai Auto | Kia Truck parts are sold and installed at this compact dealership.  

The Buriram Hyundai Auto | Kia Truck | Bosch Car Service Dealership is known as Thep Nakorn Service. They are open 7 days a week to sell Hyundai Cars and Kia Trucks. The repair center is operated Monday through Saturday on Highway 218 near the Buriram Ford Auto Truck Sales Showroom near Highway 226.   

Genuine Bosch Auto and Bosch Truck Batteries plus Bosch Wiper Blades are sold and installed 6 days a week by Thep Nakorn Service in Buriram on Highway 218.   

In Buriram Bosch Auto Service has a poster listing the history of Bosch Auto Service Workshops

This Bosch Service Car Service Sign is posted on Highway 218 in Buriram Thailand. This sign is not far from the Buriram Ford Auto Dealership.  

In Buriram this price list is posted on the wall of the Thep Nakorn Service Bosch Auto & Truck Repair service area.  I did not see a sign in English.  You will see signs in both Thai and English at the Bosch Power TOOLS | Bosch Lawn Mowers sales and repair facility of Ruangsangthai.  

The Buriram Kia Truck Dealer is Thep Nakorn Service located on Highway 218 not far from the Buriram Ford Truck Auto Dealership.  The Kia K2500 truck is sold and serviced by Thep Nakorn Service in Buriram, Thailand.  

In Buriram Thailand the sticker price of the Kia K2500 delivery truck is posted on the front windshield.  Thep Nakorn Service is the official sales and repair facility of Kia light trucks in Buriram

The highly rated Hyundai Elantra includes a 4 year or 120,000 Km warranty at Thep Nakorn Service the official Buriram Hyundai Auto sales and warranty repair facility for Buriram.  That is 3 years longer than most Power Tool warranty periods in Thailand. 

In Buriram the Hyundai Elantra is clearly priced at Thep Nakorn Service on Highway 218.  The printed Hyundai Auto Suggested MSRP indicates three models of the Hyundai Elantra are sold in Buriram, Thailand. 

The Hyundai Veloster is a three door hatchback. This red Hyundai Veloster Auto is on display in Buriram, Thailand at the front sales floor of Thep Nakorn Service on Highway 218.  In this photo on the drivers side is one long door. 

Note the two doors on the passenger side of the red Hyundai Veloster Auto on display in Buriram Thailand at Thep Nakorn Service on Highway 218 near the Buriram Ford Auto Dealer.  

In Buriram the official Hyundai Auto Dealer for sales and Hyundai Repair Service is Thep Nakorn Service located on Highway 218.  The Hyundai Veloster models sold in Buriram include the Hyundai Veloster GDI Turbo | Veloster MPI  | Veloster Sport Turbo.  

Ruangsangthai Bosch Tools is not affiliated in anyway with the Buriram Bosch Car Service Center operated by Thep Nakorn Service. If you are in the market for a quality delivery truck please consider visiting Thep Nakorn Service to price the Kia light delivery trucks.  If you want to shop and compare for highly rated made in Korea Hyundai autos then a visit to Thep Nakorn Service the official Buriram Hyundai Automobile Dealership would be worthwhile. Located on Highway 218. Telephone 044-690-714.  This small auto and truck dealership is located very close to the Buriram Ford Automobile | Truck Dealership.

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