Sunday, March 23, 2014

Buriram House Builder Grand Castle Homes

Grand Castle Homes is a quality four bedroom, four bathroom, two story house estate development on Highway 219 near the Buriram PTT Gasoline Service Station. 

This is the front view of a two story house under construction in the Grand CastleHouse Estate Building Project of Buriram, Thailand. Q-Con AAC autoclaved aerated light weight blocks are used for much of the house construction.

The photo is of the temporary construction fence sign located in Buriram in front of theGrand Castle Housing Estate. The two story "shop houses" are located directly on Highway 219 with the luxury homes of GRAND CASTLE located directly behind the two shop house buildings.  Two stories with four bedrooms, four bathrooms is what is advertised at this luxury Buriram House Building Project.

You will see the Buriram Grand Castle Housing Estate project with large banners painted onto the construction fence on Highway 219 heading towards the i-Mobile Sports Stadium.  This housing estate is next door to the Buriram PTT Service Station. 

In Buriram Thailand the large photos on the construction wall give you a good idea of what is under construction at the Grand Castle Luxury House Estate project.  Shops on the street level with living quarters on the second floor will be fronting highway 219.  These shop house buildings will buffer any road traffic noise and make the Grand Castle a more quiet private luxury housing estate. 

The steel in the roof structure under construction is shown in this photo of the rear side of a luxury two story house being built at the Grand Castle Luxury Home Estate on Highway 219 in Buriram.  

The red brick interior walls of the Buriram Grand Castle House Estate are visible in this side photo where the rear of the two story Buriram House is on the left side. Some of the interior walls are Q-Con autoclaved aerated light weight blocks.  All of the exterior walls of this Buriram housing estate are built with autoclaved aerated light weight blocks

Side view of the current March 2014 Buriram House building at the luxury Grand Castle House Estate Development on Highway 219. All of the exterior walls and most of the interior walls of this beautiful two story Buriram House are constructed with Q-Con autoclaved aerated light weight cement blocks

The side walls of the two story shop houses on Highway 219 in Buriram at the front of the Grand Castle House Estate are being prepared for painting.  Some, but not all, of the building materials for the Grand Castle building project was purchased from Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants including steel, cement, and ceiling gypsum sheets.  You can save baht on your house building project by obtaining a bid from the same supplier many of the reputable local Buriram House Builders shop. The volume purchasing power and low overhead operation of Ruangsangthai enable this local family owned Buriram Hardware store to win building materials contracts with reputable major Buriram Building Developers and expat single house building projects. 

The rear of the shop houses on Highway 219 in front of the Grand Castle House estate in Buriram. The Buriram House Builder is placing steel scaffolding in place for construction on the steel roofs. Ruangsangthai Hardware sold the Buriram House Construction Developer much of the house building materials including steel,cementgypsum ceiling boards, power tools, hardware and construction consumables including welding materials. Ruangsangthai discounts steel scaffolding of a better grade, with thicker steel, than you often see advertised by other Buriram Modern Trade Home Merchants. Like every aspect of building a house in Buriram, there are many grades of steel scaffolding, sold by different builders merchants for different prices. 

The rear of the Buriram Shop House nearest to the PTT fuel station on Highway 219.  These shop houses will have a compact rear yard enclosed with the fence and with a rain and shade cover constructed with steel sourced from Ruangsangthai Hardware. 

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